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For any Fantasy Premier League fan keeping up with the latest news and points of your fantasy team is essential to manage your team effectively and if you are away from a PC and want to be able to check in on whats happening then a Fantasy Football app is the perfect solution. Here we take a look at some of the best apps for managing your FPL team as well as other fantasy football apps for even more sporting fun on your mobile.

Fantasy Football Buddy (Giddyant Software)

This is a great app for keeping all your Fantasy Premier League team details in your pocket and you can manage your team when out and about including handling transfers, checking stats and seeing Gameweek Points.

You will need to have created your FPL team on the official site and use your login details within the app so you get your team information on your smartphone.

The homepage of the app gives you a snapshot of your team and rankings including your overall points, rank and Gameweek points. Classic league and Head-to-head league information is also on display as well as the Global league stats which lets you see how other teams are doing within the league.

The bottom of the homepage gives you different options which include Points so you can see your points history and the Scores tab opens up match results broken down into Gameweeks.

To manage your team you simply select the Manage tab on the homescreen and your squad will load in showing you your players and subs. The app will also pull the transfer list so you can select from available players and you can easily and simply transfer players by tapping on your player of choice and selecting the transfer option which will give you a list of available players to replace your transfer with.

The interface is incredibly simple to use and you can review players stats by simply clicking on them from your team and the News tab collects Football news from sources such as the BBC and Sky Sports so you can see which players are making the headlines.

This is the perfect companion for managing your FPL team on your smartphone with easy quick reference menus showing you your team value and bank balance so you have all the information for midweek transfers and Gameweek options.

Fantasy Premier League EPL (Android.apps Warehouse) 

This app is designed to help you manage your team with information on the latest fixtures and insights such as injuries so you can make smart choice when choosing your team each Gameweek.

The app accesses the mobile site of the FPL so you can access your team, make substitutions and check rankings and points all on your mobile phone. The design layout is more text and menu based than graphical so you get simple lists and statistics rather than players arranged on a pitch as seen on other apps. This may appeal to some as it keeps the layout very simple and players can be selected and transferred easily.

The app has a lot of additional features (mainly pulled from other sites) such as News for the latest on your players and football teams results. Injuries gives you the latest news and information on player injuries so you can make more informed choices when transferring players and Live Scores takes you to the BBC Football site for the latest goal news.

Tips gives you insights from a Fantasy Football tipster site giving you information on players, injuries and good transfer choices and the Facebook and Twitter buttons allow you to share your activities with your social networks.

The app is a simple way to manage your FPL team and with many other third party sites pulled into the app you can get all sorts of information to make informed choices for your team.

Interview with Richard from Android.apps Warehouse

Q. Why should readers download your app and/or what is unique about your app?

Good question! We believe our app serves the purpose of fulfilling the needs of any 'fantasy premier league' fan who wants quick access to not only loading the game, but to also access various helpful sources of information much faster than searching for and accessing links via traditional methods.

Q. What mobile phone do you use and why did you choose it?

Interesting question - I currently use a Motorola Razr I Android powered phone, mainly due to the almost limitless features compared to that of the limited Apple iPhone and similar devices. I personally purchased this phone based on my app development projects and also wanted a phone that was water-proof and rugged for everyday use! This is a big big must for a phone in my hands...

Q. What single feature in your app will appeal most to Fantasy Football Fans?

We believe the app to be a 'Bible' for any fantasy football fan! There are many apps that have been on the Play Store for sometime, although we have had our app available on the store for almost 2 years now. We are one of the only developers to provide multiple sources of information that will aid any fantasy football fan to manage their team and make those last minute decisions on the go. I personally use the app myself and regularly visit the 'Injuries' tab before making transfers and also visit the 'News' page to see what's the latest news for team selections on a Saturday morning. Our app may heavily rely on aggregation of news sources across the web, but the time it takes to access, remember and save these links to your phone is time consuming. Our app covers these and a whole lot more!

Fantasy Football League Lite (Fantasy Software) 

This app is a league simulation game so you get to see how a division plays out over a season to watch teams get promoted or relegated.

You can choose from a number of different leagues with up to 5 divisions and 32 teams per division. Some of the leagues include player data so you can find out more about specific players and the Team skills ratings shows how the team are doing in real life.

You can select a favourite team and view stats on how they are doing throughout the season and you advance the season by selecting Play Matches and the games are simulated so you can see how teams fare and who will be relegated.

The Play Match tab lets you play the games and you can view previous matches so see stats and results. The game is mainly a bit of fun with simulated matches from various leagues so you watch how a season plays out with information on team stats with players goals, position and skills all displayed for you to see.

There is a knock-out challenge in each division and as you complete the season there will be a Cup winner as well as a League Champion, after relegations have been made you advance onto the next season and you can view all previous seasons and stats within the app.

If you fancy enjoying these apps on a new mobile phone then you can compare mobile phone deals to find your next handset and more apps reviews are available to help you find the best ones.

Written by: Michael Brown

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